Electrical Installations

  • Can you just imagine our modern society to pass the day without electricity? It will be a chaos. Nowadays electricity is a very important thing, which takes place during the building of houses and facilities. Our company has good experience in designing and implementing of electrical installation works up to 10 kV. We aim to provide to our customers our best experience in electrification.
  • Target
  • Our target is that our customers can be satisfied with our work.
  • Costumer benefit
  • We aim to deliver low cost and reliable electrical products that afford a good quality in supplying with electricity. We care about our customers and support them anytime, so don’t hesitate to visit us in our headquarters, a service that is appreciated by customers.
  • Legal requirements
  • Electrical Installations for Buildings according to IEC 60364.

Renewable Energy

  • The Kyoto Protocol, climate changes and global warming are issues that are spoken today by all in global scale. Overheating of the earth's atmosphere requires all of us to contribute to protect the earth climate. If you’re planning to build a big building, have you ever asked yourself how much will you have to pay for the electric bill if you’re going to use a traditional system? There is a lot of potential with the automated system to save you enormous amounts of energy.
  • Target
  • Can you imagine all your electrical equipment in your house working only when you need them to work and they will turn off and on automatically as you will need them, wasting zero energy?  We can achieve this through various sensors and actors which governed in such a manner way, that the exploitation is achieved economically. Our professionals will analyze your facility for the saving energy potential, with the most efficient way up to date. After the analysis in energetic aspect of your facility, we will give you a conclusion and suggestions on what kind of methods you can implement in your facility to save energy. The methods vary from the renewable energy that is present in your area (Wind energy, solar energy, geothermal or the micro-CHP) and in a combination with the Energy Management System we achieve the saving energy potential.
  • Customers Benefit
  • The facility will be energy efficient, and the investment on the automated system will soon pay for itself. And the facility will be more desirable if you decide to rent it out. In the analysis will also be included the Energy Performance Certificate, with this Certificate your facilities are approved for the efficiency and ready for the future. Visit us in our offices, and consult with our expert staff.
  • Legal requirements
  • DIN V 18599 , ISO50001 ,2010/31/EU , EN 50090.

Electrical Measurements and Testing

  • Electrical Testing of electrical installations is very important point. As per IEC standards every time after completion of all electrical installations works in one House, Facility or Commercial Building it is necessary to make electrical installation testing and based on results we prepare protocols for our clients and submit to them.
  • Target
  • Can you imagine that if we put in operation one electrical installation without testing of ear thing system? Electrical measurements and testing in electrical installations target:
    - Voltage, current, and resistance for proper functioning and safety
    - Insulation integrity to prevent electrical faults
    - Grounding and earthing for protection against faults and lightning
    - Testing protective devices for reliable system protection
    - Ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations
    - Power quality assessment to avoid operational issues
    - Load testing to evaluate system capacity and performance
    - Obtaining compliance certifications for meeting regulations
    These measurements help ensure safety, functionality, and compliance in electrical installations
  • Customers Benefit
  • Electrical installation testing offers the following benefits:
    - Safety assurance and hazard prevention
    - Verification of compliance with regulations
    - Early fault detection and prevention
    - Evaluation of system performance
    - Efficient troubleshooting and maintenance
    - Optimization of energy efficiency
    - Improved reliability and longevity
    - Documentation for future reference
  • Legal requirements
  • Fulfilling all IEC and IEEE standards for respective testing and electrical measurement

Planning and Design

  • Electrical planning involves assessing requirements, designing the layout, calculating loads, selecting components, ensuring safety compliance, collaborating with professionals, obtaining permits, and overseeing implementation. Prioritize safety and involve experts for efficient planning and installation. Electrical design involves creating a detailed plan for the electrical system. Key steps include calculating electrical loads, designing the layout and circuits, selecting components, ensuring safety measures, complying with codes, coordinating with other disciplines, documenting the design, and collaborating with contractors. It is recommended to involve qualified professionals for a safe and efficient design.
  • Target
  • The target of electrical installation planning and design is to create a safe, functional, efficient, and compliant electrical system that meets the specific needs of the building or project while considering reliability, scalability, and cost- effectiveness.
  • Customers Benefit
  • Electrical installation planning and design provide customers with a safe, functional, efficient, reliable, and compliant electrical system that meets their specific needs and sets the foundation for a successful and sustainable infrastructure
  • Legal requirements
  • The IEC provides a wide range of international standards for electrical installations, including IEC 60364, which covers the design, installation, inspection, and testing of electrical installations in buildings.